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Crash Pads

We knew the standard foam pad needed a kick and a change. So we made improvements that made sense and one that protects you fully.


Step up to a new design with the Boom crash pad. Great for any problem, our patent-pending step hinge has you covered better than any pad out there.
Price: $259.00
Thoughtful design and same bomber materials as the Boom but with a larger landing surface.
Price: $365.00
No matter how you flip it, this is your new best friend. Both sides act as a landing surface making the Flip a great addition to your arsenal.
Price: $135.00
Out of Stock
Fully equipped with infinite options. We’ve added two flaps that cover the bottom and side openings, allowing you to cram whatever’s needed safely inside.
Price: $279.00
Locked and Loaded. This pad will haul it all. By combining both flaps at the bottom corner, the Gordita will keep your valuables cozy and protected even when overstuffed.
Price: $385.00